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About Us

We offer a wide range of services in the software industry with more than 10 years of experience.

Doğru Bilgi Teknolojileri was established in 2008 and has been producing software solutions in the information technology sector for more than 10 years.


Our company provides many types of services in software and technology.

Corporate Software

Considering your business processes, we develop applications specific to you with the most appropriate technologies.

Mobile Applications

We develop native or cross platform mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

Web-Based Software

We develop web applications for the needs of our customers, using latest web technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

We improve your business processes with our artificial intelligence solutions.

Human-Machine Interface

HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is the software that enables the user to communicate with the machine and production facilities.

GIS Applications

Geographic Information System is an information system that enables spatial analysis to be presented to users.


Institutions and organizations that we are happy to work with


Our projects that we are pleased to develop

Information System of Tourism Facilities (TTBIS)

TTBIS is a web-based software that enables the certification and classification of tourism facilities in a digital environment.

Also, people who want to apply to open a new facility can complete their applications with this software. Ministry officials can make the classification of the facility with the TTBIS mobile application.

Our Projects For Ministry of Health

We successfully provided maintenance, support and update services for 12 software of the General Directorate of Public Health.

Our Projects For Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation

YAMBİS project is a system in which building contractors are registered and their authorization numbers are given. Transactions such as tracking the work of contractors and taking prohibition transactions can be done through the system. With the MAKS integration, construction permits are not issued to contractors who do not have an authorization number or are banned. The system was rewritten in 2017 with current technologies, and it was put into use in December 2017.

Saving the construction supervisor, capable of tracking and reporting system is primarily based business opened in 2018 across Turkey after Ankara opened the pilot. This software was needed in order to fully implement the requirements of the Laws and regulations regarding construction site chiefs in the field.

Our Projects For Yunus Emre Institute

Yunus Emre Institute, which started its activities in 2009, has 56 cultural centers abroad.

E-Accounting system was put into use in 2013. The e-accounting system is a corporate-specific web-based accounting system that works with approximately 30 different currencies. When the income, expenses, bank and cash movements of the branches are entered, they can be reported by the center instantly.

E-Culture system was put into use in 2017. Branches enter the activities they have planned for the next year into the system and submit them for the approval of the center. Expense records of the realized activities are entered through e-accounting and transferred to e-culture. In this way, planned and actual activity budgets are recorded and controlled.


Doğru Bilgi Teknolojileri is a partner of Machinaide (EUREKA ITEA3 Project With 17 Participants From Finland, The Netherlands, And Turkey). Machinaide aims to support innovative concepts for accessing, searching, analyzing, and using multiple Digital Twins.

The project aims to support innovative concepts for accessing, searching, analysing and using multiple Digital Twins data for the major purpose of increasing usability and functional up-grading of machines and equipment within the crane, additive manufacturing and dairy farming domains, as well as optimization of processes. It will be in line with European, National and international initiatives towards smart industry and application of Artificial Intelligence for Europe. Considering latest activities in digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

MACHINAIDE’s major goals are, exploiting Digital Twins data, interoperability of multiple Digital Twins hosting eco-systems, increased usability of machines – all enabled through application of AI methods – and innovative HMIs as well as definition of new business models, enabling innovative services.

Please visit Machinaide site to get more information.


Our contact information required to reach us

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